Wallstone Systems

Wallstone Systems


Cambridge MaytRx®

Cambridge MaytRx 3 and MaytRx 6 are the most versatile wall units on the market today! Four different double-sided wall stones, designated A, B, X and Y, offer five different face sizes. Each MaytRx wall stone comes in two different heights --- 3" and 6" and two different face styles --- Split Face or Renaissance Stone (distressed). Build freestanding and retaining walls as well as steps, columns and more. Caps are also available. Corners are made by splitting existing units. A special pre-made Corner Wall Stone is now available with no spiting required.
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Cambridge Pyzique®

Design freestanding walls, knee walls around patios and retaining walls up to 3 ft. high in straight and curved designs; tree rings and garden borders; raised patios; sitting walls; and steps. Ideal for paver edging, too.
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Cambridge Ledgestone Wall

Distinguished by its natural looking, rock face with bold ridges and deep clefts, Ledgestone Wall is a perfect accompaniment to the popular Cambridge Ledgestone Pavingstone Series as well as other Cambridge Wallstones and Outdoor Living Pre-Packaged Kits.
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Cambridge Olde English Wall™

The universal size (4 in. high x 8 in. deep x 12 in. long) and efficient design allow wall units to be placed in unlimited patterns - from staggered running bond to random placement in straight, curved or serpentine walls - with little or no cutting.
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Cambridge Sigma - Wall Systems

The Cambridge Sigma Wall System is built to the highest standards in height, texture, color and ease of use. The Sigma system was designed from contractor feedback.
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Cambridge Curbstone

Achieve the look of Belgian block with this affordable, durable alternative to plastic edge restraints, aluminum and wood edging as well as concrete curb or toe.
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Cambridge Edgestone

Ideal as edging for mulch beds, gardens, decorative gravel and more in lieu of concrete, clay brick, molded plastic and wood edging.
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Cambridge Stone Veneer

Molded from time worn, natural stone found in ledges and valleys of native America, Cambridge Stone Veneer is offered in 3 distinctly different styles. Canyon Ledge retains all of the dimensional characteristics of the handpicked pieces from which it was cast. The rustic look of Tuscan Fieldstone is reminiscent of rural, old country cottages.
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Cambridge Wall Systems Color Options

For availability of a color in a particular shape, refer to the Cambridge Pavingstones Color Selection Guide.
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